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Vex Unblocked

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Vex Unblocked refers to an online flash game and adventure, which involves a stick man character trapped in a certain world where he needs your help as the player to be able to overcome obstacles, overcome danger and even make it through to the end of the game without any harm or issues. The stickman character needs to go through all the stages successfully so that you can be able to earn points and complete the game.


The various moves included are such as running, sliding and even jumping over walls until a level is completed, and then the game progresses to another level. Using the main character, "Vex" a stickman, you need to escape obstacles, such as spikes, jump over walls, slide under blocks and even be able to swim, where you need to point the head of the stickman to a certain direction you need him to swim and he will begin to swim. To climb the walls, especially on high walls, you need to jump sideways from wall to wall to get to the top. There are also locked boxes, where you need to find keys to unlock and springs that can also help you jump over high walls or distances. Poles are also provided in small circles form that can also help you leap.


Vex Unblocked is an absolutely fun game, especially for those who like adventure and swift-thinking games, as it involves swift movements also unblocked version gives you much more possibilities. The main aim of the game is to reach various checkpoints, whilst avoiding as many obstacles as possible as they lower the character's health and can even cause death, hence restarting a level. The more checkpoints you pass, the more points you earn, raising your ranking in the game. It comes with 8 levels, which are also known as acts, that can enable the player to obtain a perfect score once through. It is a fun-filled game indeed. You are able to enjoy this popular Unblocked version of the game at official website

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